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New Beginnings, Together

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

It's officially been a month since I launched my own private practice, and it has been one wild ride! Thankfully, I was (and am still being) advised by successful practice owners and mentors who generously share their resources and experiences, even their past mistakes and failures, openly. I realize with humility and gratitude that I could not have made it even past the first week without their guidance and support.

People often ask me, what does "Hanaro" mean? Simply put, it means "as one, but consisting of many parts." Kind of like "together" or "unified," but perhaps a bit more poetically. Apparently, it also refers to the High-Flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor (HANARO), a nuclear research reactor in Daejeon, ROK ^_^

The word "Hanaro" speaks personally to me because I am convinced that true and lasting healing, whether it is for mental/emotional health, physical health, or even spiritual health, does not occur in isolation or outside of the context of relationship. From birth, the human design necessitates human interaction for optimal health, growth, and functioning; often, the most thriving people with the highest quality of life often are found in healthy families, communities, and cultures. Thus, I named my practice "Hanaro Therapy" to signify the importance of togetherness and relationship in the mental health healing process. My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe relationship where my clients can experience the healing power of journeying together with someone committed to your best through even the most challenging seasons of life.

I am deeply indebted to my previous supervisors, Dr. Christine Cearfoss (of Conscious Living Counseling Center) and Hatty J Lee, LMFT (of Oak and Stone Therapy), as well as Brandon Shindo, LCSW (of K and B Therapy) for their wisdom, support, and most of all, spirit of empowering friendship as colleagues in the mental health field. I began my own mental health journey when I first walked into my university counseling center, and I am so thankful and blessed to be now running my own private practice as a licensed therapist here in CA. I truly wouldn't be where I am today without the support of so many individuals and groups that believed in me and invested in my life, healing, and work.

May you experience the power of togetherness in whatever season you may be in, and may God, the Universe, or whatever Higher Power you look to in crisis fill your life with love and peace.

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